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Viardo forte #18

Category: man health
Where made: Russia
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Detail info about the product:

Packing: 18 capsules

Viardo FORTE ™ is recommended for normalization of functional activity of the genitourinary system:

in men with androgen deficiency (decreased testosterone) the nature of the stress, including those associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Viardo Forte - an additional source of vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals (selenium and zinc).

These agents are actively involved in the metabolism in the body. Most strongly they affect the sexual and the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin E (natural tocopherols) stimulates sexual and reproductive function has a positive effect on the potency, increases sperm count and increase their mobility.

Vitamin E improves circulation, including in the heart muscle. It prevents abnormal blood clotting, significantly reduces the risk of blood clots, which are very dangerous and can block blood vessels.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) have a protective effect against cell membranes of the sperm and the reproductive system. Helps reduce blood levels of low density lipoprotein ("harmful" cholesterol), preventing them from sticking to the walls of blood vessels.
Phytosterols wheat germ normalize the hormonal functions of the body, because they are the precursors of steroid hormones: testosterone and male-female, progesterone and estradiol.
Zinc affects the activity of sex hormones and sperm production, is involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Between providing the body with zinc and potency is a direct one. During ejaculation of sperm a man loses a significant amount of zinc that without adequate replenishment may lead to shortages. Therefore, the daily intake of zinc for men than for women. In addition, the development tsinktormozit hyperplasia (BPH), prostate.
Selenium is an essential trace element for the reproductive sphere. He is a member of selenoproteins sperm and ovaries, improves production and quality of sperm and increases libido.

Just selenium protects against damage to the heart muscle does not oxidize cholesterol and transfer protein, protects the blood vessels, reduces the formation of plaque.

Viardot Forte improves the sexual health of men, activates the main male sex hormone testosterone.

Testosterone - the main male hormone affects almost all the processes that occur in the body of representatives of a strong half of mankind. But the most striking external manifestation of the testosterone - is sexually active men.

Testosterone - the hormone of sexual desire, which is responsible for bringing the "effect" of the main male organ. This is, so to speak, the fuel which ignites the fire of love in adolescence and supports him for life.

Testosterone plays a critical role in the regulation of sexual behavior of sexual interest and the level of the male sex drive. It is he who is responsible for the rise of sexual energy and determines the potency, a man's ability to get an erection, and frequency of intercourse. Testosterone has a special significance for older men, because its production throughout life is gradually reduced, and with it goes libido and potency.

We modern men because of nervous stress, overwork, bad ecology drop in testosterone starts in 30-35 years. Almost a third of men over 30 years medical record not only the age, but clearly premature, testosterone deficiency. Note that alcohol and traditional Russian fatty snacks are the best to him as "murderers" of testosterone.

All this inevitably affects the strength and sexual appetites of men. Failures in testosterone leads to unstable erections, weak ejaculation, lack of desire. But, in addition, testosterone affects the performance, mood, activity, or a pessimistic view of life.

Studies have shown that testosterone deficiency leads to increased accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous, intramuscular and abdominal layer (stomach area). Testosterone, literally, is responsible for the man's body. Waist circumference in men over 94 cm - is an alarming sign of decreased testosterone levels.

The fact that testosterone in the body "decides" what to spend the consumption of food. If the level of this hormone are normal or high, then things are going to build muscle tissue (this is the principle used by athletes when taking steroids). If testosterone levels are below normal, all eaten by man will be turned into fat, about the phenomenon of the people say that people gain weight even look at food. But what about the gym? Unfortunately, the low level of testosterone a man rather torment shortness of breath, than he to lose weight at the gym. And to break this cycle is to raise the level of testosterone.

Today, any man who wants stability in his life, a good job, strong family relationships, good sex, should think about how to help your body maintain the necessary level of testosterone. Among other things, this depends directly on his health and how it will look like after 50-60 years: a weak and sick old man, or a fit and fresh man in full blossom. Especially because this is nothing particularly complicated is required.

One only has to follow the simple rules: move more, refuse to excessive consumption of alcohol and junk food and be sure to help your body maintain the necessary level of testosterone.

Man's body because he can produce testosterone. He needs only to help provide the necessary number of "building blocks". This was well known. Special diets and products that increase sexual energy, used by men for centuries.

In essence, it is a safe way to boost natural testosterone production by the body, to the extent that is needed and the man. Today, for this purpose are specifically designed biologically active food supplements.

Directions: Adults take 1 capsule 3-4 times daily with meals. The duration of the 2-4 weeks. If necessary, the reception can be repeated 3-4 times a year.

idiosyncrasy components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Not a drug. It does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

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