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Tanaksol 42 gr

Category: stomach and digestion , stomach and digestion
Where made: Russia
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Detail info about the product:

Packing: 42 gr.


Biologically active substances of extracts:
• herb tansy (essential oil, camphor, flavonoids and tanatsetin tanatsetol);
• common wormwood (essential oil, which is composed of cineol, borneol and ketone-thujone and in addition it found carotene, thiamine, ascorbic acid, aldehydes, choline, inulin);
• Salsola collina (betaine, alkaloids, fenildikarbonovye acid and sterol glycosides, a silicon-organic compounds, micro-elements);
• Yarrow (Achilles alkalodid, vitamin K, sesquiterpenes, polysaccharides, essential oil chamazulene, tannins, saponins, trace elements).
The filler food pellets used sorbitol or glucose.

• protivolyamblioznoe
• choleretic
• hepatoprotective
• anti-
• normalizing secret - and acid-forming function of the stomach.


Recommended for the prevention and enhance the effect of drug therapy:
• Giardiasis, especially if there are contraindications to the appointment protivolyamblioznyh synthetic drugs, as well as for repeated courses of deworming;
• cholecystitis, gepatoholetsistitah, holangioholetsistitov (both anti-inflammatory and improves the flow of bile agent);
• askaridoznyh cholecystitis;
• gastritis amid low acidity.

Mode of application

Adults - 2 g (1 tsp. Topless) 3 times a day with meals. Course of treatment - 4 weeks.
Giardiasis biliary system: depending on the degree of infestation existing pathology of the latter (dyskinesia, cholecystitis, etc.) is recommended preparatory therapy, in which it is desirable to include complex hepatoprotective funds - or liproksol gepatosol (lohein) for 1-2 weeks.

After deworming necessary course of rehabilitation therapy: to improve the functional status of the gastrointestinal tract, it calls for the juice of plantain for a month to improve the function of the hepatobiliary system - or liproksol gepatosol (lohein) for the above doses for months, course welcome Florent.

Before use, consult a doctor.

Daily intake (6 g) of pellets is only 1.5 - 1.7% of the daily human need for carbohydrates (350-400 g).


Individual intolerance of the individual components, and pregnancy.

Form release
Pellets from light brown to dark brown in color with a pleasant odor and bitter taste, easily soluble in water, making them highly bioavailable.

Shelf life - 2 years.

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