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Shungite cream-balm for the joints 75 ml

Category: Illnesses of joints and bones , Illnesses of joints and bones
Where made: Russia
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Detail info about the product:

Packing: tube 75 ml.

Ingredients: water enriched with silver ions, emulsifying wax, glycerol stearate, DEG, shungite, mummy, cedar oil, wheat germ oil, oil extracts of aloe, ginseng, St. John's wort, sage, collagen hydrolyzate, Vitanol, fragrance, preservatives.

Pharmacological action

Shungite - a natural mineral, whose age is more than two billion years old. Its origin is still not solved, but there is a hypothesis that schungite - are the remnants of the planet Phaeton once existed in our solar system. These minerals are now only exist in oodnoy point of our Earth. South Karelia, settlement Sunga, 1887. This is the place and time where and when they named the mysterious nature. Our ancestors had a close relationship with nature and drew in her vitality and health. In the old days shungite called "slate stone" and actively used it in the treatment razlichchnyh ailments, including diseases of the joints. But only recently been more fully disclose its amazing healing, cleansing and protective properties.

Numerous studies have unique properties allow shungite rightfully call it "stone of health" or "medicine of the XXI century".

Cream-balm "Shungite", which includes shungite, as a main component, enriched with herbal extracts, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, calming, soothing effect, improves microcirculation in the tissues.


Apply in the complex treatment of degenerative disc disease, sciatica, arthritis and arthrosis of different origin and accumulation of salts in the ground, in combination with conventional treatments, as an aid.

Dosing regimen

Rub into the painful areas of the body and joints 2-3 times a day, after the application to wrap woolen cloth. Course of 3-5 weeks.


Individual intolerance to the components. No side effects were observed.

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